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Hik-Central Professional

HikCentral Professional is Hikvision's security management software for integrating and managing security systems. It is designed to meet various security challenges in a single platform.

With HikCentral Professional, you will easily manage multiple individual systems such as video security, access control, security alarms and more, as well as explore cross-system functions. Day-to-day operations become more efficient as the protection of people and property improves everywhere. Users of all types make smarter decisions.

A unified security system that improves management operations

Built on a truly unified architecture, the software is connected to increase your operational efficiency. and provides interactive applications - for example, a burglar alarm and access control with video verification, or perhaps visitor control with pre-registration of vehicles and much more. Leveraging multiple subsystems, it raises users' awareness and empowers them with optimized management approaches.

Hik Central

Customize your own security system

Whatever your role, be it manager, decision maker, HR staff, receptionist, security or maintenance staff , the software will help you prepare with preset modes. Also , the software allows you to customize your system with the applications you need according to the scenarios you are in . In addition, users can create their own dashboards based on their specific tasks and routines, raising awareness and empowering them with specific, optimized management approaches.

Visualized systems, data and maintenance

Data collected from various applications, becomes easy to understand through dynamic reports and helpful, intuitive dashboards A personalized management and operations dashboard displays the information you need most. Plus, an interactive and intuitive e-map lets you find and handle events quickly.

Easy to deploy and use

Minimum system requirements for HikCentral Professional: i3, 8GB RAM Smooth system operation even in low-bandwidth environments powered by network adaptation technology Operation guide wizard Easily integrates and empowers other Hikvision devices.

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