In this section, you can find answers to questions that may come to your mind while using Öncü Security Systems products or to problems that arise while using the product. If you cannot find the answer to your question, please contact us.

General Questions

You can start the process by clicking the "Register" button in the upper right corner of the website. Required documents are Commercial Registry Gazette, Signature Circular, Tax Plate and Dealer Agreement. (Download)
You can obtain our lists from your customer representative or you will be able to access the lists after you complete your B2B registration process.
Your discount rates are automatically defined when your registration is complete. If you think you are having problems, you can contact us from the live support section at the bottom right.
You can access your discount rates from the Finance category in the My "Account" section.


You can easily return the purchased product within 14 days from the day you receive it from the cargo company, free of charge, with a counter payment, within the return conditions, by applying to MNG Cargo.

Conditions to be considered when returning;
-The purchased product must be in its original box and undamaged with the return invoice,
-To be with all complementary accessories,
-It must be sent complete and undamaged together with the promotional and campaign products given as a gift, if any.

You can find information about your return application on the "My Return Requests" page. If you have created a return request for more than one product in the same period, do not forget to check the notification of each product separately.
When your return request is approved, your payment will be automatically transferred to your bank within a maximum of 3-5 working days. The reflection of your refund on your card or account may vary depending on the time specified by your bank.

If the "Cancel" button is active and visible from the My "Order" step, you can cancel your product by using this button. If the "Cancel" button is not visible, the cancellation cannot be made. In this case, when the package reaches you, you can create a return request within the scope of the return conditions, or if you wish, without opening your cargo bag; You can not receive your product and send it back. Once the product reaches us and your request is approved, your refund will be available.
Your order will be shipped within 24 hours. You can track the details of your delivery on the "Order" page. When your order is shipped, you will be notified by e-mail and when your order is out for distribution, you will be notified by the cargo company via SMS.

Technical Questions

In order to perform password reset on Dunlop NVR-DVR devices, it is necessary to find the devices in the network with the SADP Program. If you do not have the SADP program on your computer, you can download it here. ("Link") After installing the program on the computer, the device brand model is selected from the screen that opens, and the box on the left of the screen is ticked, and the Forgot Password tab is entered from the tab on the right of the screen.

The .xml file downloaded by clicking the Export section on the screen that opens, is sent by e-mail to The device reset code is sent to you by the technical service via e-mail. Your process will be completed by downloading the .xml file you received from the Import File tab and creating a new password. The time for device reset codes to arrive from abroad is given as a maximum of 3 working days.

*The Platform Access section of the Configuration menu of your NVR must be enabled.
Verification Code is set by you.
In order for the device to be monitored, its status must be seen as Online.
You can see device information from the System Information menu.
Serial No. can be seen in the maintenance menu of the device.
Note: The 9 characters before the last 4 digits are added as the Serial Number.
By opening the Hik-Connect application on the mobile phone, the registration process is performed with the mobile phone number or e-mail address.
After logging in to the Hik-connect application;
+ By clicking the Add Device tab, scanning the QR code, or manually entering the device serial number and verification code, the recorder is added to the platform and monitoring can be done.

In order to update the device, it is necessary to send an e-mail to the address of with the model and version information of the device. Our technical service team will send you the appropriate versions via e-mail, then you can update. (Note; Updates should not be made without asking us)
We enter the interface of our IP camera and click on the network section, click on the advanced settings in a sub-tab. In the window that opens, we click on the integration protocol. We make enable onvifi and create a username and password at the bottom. Then save and exit the menu.
You can calculate the area where the cameras will be used in the recording devices online "here". By entering the number of cameras, resolution values and bitrate values, the HDD usage areas of the cameras are calculated for the specified periods.

1-If you have registered your Hikconnect account with an email or mobile phone number, you can re-create the password of the account to which the device was added by clicking the “forgot password” icon of the login interface section from your mobile phone, and log in to the account and delete your device. However, if you do not know the phone and e-mail address of your attached account, you must proceed to the following steps.

2-You can open a new account from the latest version of the Hikconnect application you have downloaded to your mobile phone. Then, “UNBIND” option will come as an option while adding the device. You can delete it by clicking here. The device and the phone must be on the same LAN Wifi.
IMPORTANT NOTICE: Make sure the hikconnect P2P function of the device is online while deleting.
To download Hikconnect latest version link "click", you need to download Hikconnect latest version.

3-Another deletion option is; You can try the unbind option by connecting your device to the same LAN network using the version in the SADP tool link.
"Click" to download the SADP link

4-If you still get an error after these two steps and the deletion process is unsuccessful, our advice is to check if the device is in the current version.

5-If it could not be deleted by the user; The serial number of the device, error screens during deletion and device version information should be collected and sent to the relevant distributor. You will be prompted depending on the source of the error.

In order to send an e-mail from the recording device to the user at the time of departure and in other situations, the following settings must be made. Sending mail with Gmail or yandex mail is done, but since these platforms perceive the mails as viruses after a while, they close the SMTP ports after a while. The healthiest method for sending mail is to use an e-mail address with a corporate identity.

*The Network Email tab is selected in the Settings tab from the interface of the recorders.
* We give a name to the Sender section in the empty fields that we see, which determines the name of the mails that come to my e-mail address.
*The sender e-mail address is entered in the Sending Address tab.
* In the SMTP Server tab, we enter the smtp address that our e-mail address is connected to (eg
* In the SMTP Port tab, we enter the SMTP port number used by our e-mail address. (eg 465) for Gmail
*In the Identity Verification section, we finalize our mail settings by entering the sender's e-mail address and e-mail password.

Regarding your defective products in the technical service; If you send an e-mail to e-mail address, you will be responded to.
You should send the model and serial number of the product to via e-mail.
You should send the model and serial number of the product to via e-mail.