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Öncü Güvenlik Sistemleri A.Ş. To protect the privacy rights of users of the online store, the following rules apply.

Our web site is protected by latest SSL technologies.

You may be required to fill in forms requesting information such as name, surname, email address and company name in order to gain access to continuously updated news, campaign information and other continuing updates on the Leading Security corporate website on a membership basis. This information can be placed on the users' computers via cookies and this information can be used to customize the site navigation.

Pioneer Security undertakes to keep all customer information confidential in order not to share it with the company and all the information gathered in the forms filled in the corporate web site, to publish it on the open and closed place on the open market. However, Pioneer Security will be able to use this information in its own form to send out campaigns, product announcements and announcements and to determine customer profiles.

Öncü Güvenlik kurumsal web sitesindeki üyeliklere son verilmek istendiği veya Öncü Güvenlik kurumsal web sitesinde içeriğin dışında kalan ancak bu sitede bulunmasının uygun olacağı düşünülen bilgilerin talep edilmesi halinde, adresine elektronik posta atılarak bu talep iletilebilir.

The product information shown on this site is received from the manufacturers and from various sources and is for informational purposes only. Manufacturers and Leading Security reserve the right to change product specifications.

Passwords and credit card numbers entered by the customer through the virtual store are protected by encrypting them with MD5. Such information can not be viewed or copied by Leading Security personnel or system builders. Leading Security is responsible for securing, storing and backing up the relevant database.